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ARS is a California and US FDA approved medical device facility. The company has approved 510k's for its gravity, prevacuum and ethylene oxide sterilizers for use in healthcare facilities including hospitals and surgery centers.

As a result of its pioneering efforts to offer custom assemble sterilizers with used pressure vessels, also known as remanufacturing, the company is believed to have been the first to obtain FDA approval under its 510k's for these units as well as totally new sterilizers.

Healthcare configurations include:
• General Purpose (Gravity/Flash) Sterilizers with gravity and liquid cycles
• Prevacuum Sterilizers with gravity, liquid and prevacuum cycles
• Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers (Blend)

PV Sterilizer
GP sterilizer
PV Sterilizer, Hospital Central Supply
GP Sterilizer, Eye Center


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